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Garden Plants

Here are some pretty garden plants that will add color and flair to your garden and landscape this year. The plants below will be available soon in Spring 2014 for purchase. Keep checking back for updates!

Hardy Japanese Toad Lily

Bonfire Euphorbia 

Tasmanian Tree Fern

Ketchup & Mustard

Special Daylily Collection 

Fancy Frills Daylily Collection 

Exotic Lily Collection 

Fancy Daylily Duo

Green Panda 

Ken Aslet Nasturtium 

Coral Drops 

Firecracker Fuchsia 

Fireworks Fountain Grass

Blaze Fanfare Gaillardia

King Tut Papyrus 

Fire Spinner Ice Plant

Black Mondo Grass 

Velvet And Lace Dianthus

Black Batflower 

Mouse Plant 

Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry 

Dragon Arum 

Burning Heart Dicentra 

Great Gunnera 

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