Sprayall, De Luxe $69.99

Sprayall, De Luxe – $69.99

This is the finest home sprayer we have found! It has all of the necessary features of a big power-operated sprayer, yet it is built into a home appliance and costs a bare fraction of the heavy equipment. Features include: Constructed of machined brass with 100% Neoprene hose — resistant to any spray solutions, finger-tip control of all adjustments, double action, continuous spray with 150 lbs. Pressure at the nozzle, no parts to change or mislay, no tank to clean or carry, just place a hose in any ordinary bucket containing spray solution and adjustable nozzle sprays from fog mist to a full stream in any direction as high as 25 feet. Pressure is developed from the in-and-out pumping action of the two parts of the brass tubing. Action is similar to that used in playing a trombone and requires little more effort.

Includes a full 1 year health guarantee! If you are having trouble growing what you purchased, you have up to one full year to contact the nursery to get a replacement sent to you. Simply use scissors to cut off the labels from your packages and save those labels as your proof of purchase.

Shipping is just a flat rate of $9.99 per order to anywhere in the USA, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands… and flat shipping rates mean that you can order 10, 50, 100, or even 1,000 unique plants online and it would still only cost you $9.99 to ship the entire order! Once your order has been mailed through USPS, it will take usually take 3-7 business days for the package to arrive at your home or business. SAVE YOUR LABELS AS PROOF OF PURCHASE. And if any of the items arrive damaged or in bad health, call the nursery to get a replacement.

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